Be it flexibility or control over your team, or anywhere in between, one rule for all or customised rules for groups of team members, all rendered possible within ONE product. People information on real time basis.


With the insightful dashboards, you will get info of possible underlying inefficient costs. Your economic trade offs can be immeasurable. Anywhere from 10% to 30% of your monthly wage bill & not to mention the revenue opportunities that could have been lost.


Latest technology on attendance, comprehensive info on Punctuality, abensteeism, hours worked, economic gains possible.

Next Gen

A product that focuses on Attendance and integrates with many check-in and checkout modes from Biometrics to Mobiles or Tablets or Laptops.

Work from Anywhere

Be it an Office, Factory, Warehouse, Retail store or a field job in Sales, logistics or services. For that matter you can even implement WFH (Work from Home).

Team Movement

Work demands may require teams to go to client or vendor offices and outside hours can be clocked.

Powerful HR Analytics

HR's can take decisions on team recognition, rewards, discipline etc with meaningful data on punctuality, absenteeism, hours clocked. Field versus inside hours for certain job profiles. etc.

Configurable Rules

Set your own business hours, break hours, timings, session hours, expected hours, minimum hours, grace time etc. For whole organization or for different teams within an organization.

On behalf attendance

Eliminate ghost workers or padded hours. Empower your remote Site Supervisor to mark contract staff's attendance and timings.

Trust versus Control

No two individuals or teams are the same. HR can configure appropriate systems depending on the diverse needs within an organization.

Selfie Based attendance

Most useful for sales / service team to report from field with, location and time stamp. Useful for Medical Representatives, Repair and service teams etc.

Transparent Attendance

Employees get immediately notified of their own data be it check-in and checkout data, attendance record and hours worked in real time.

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Non GPS : Rs. 15/- user/month                 GPS : Rs. 30/- user/month                GPS + Image : Rs. 35/- user/month

Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum Rs. 500/- per Month, Per Legal Entity
  2. *GST @ 18% Additional