The current Indian MSMEs is plagued with Employee Attendance issues. As the size of the organization increases, so does the headache of managing an attendance register.
With Employee Attendance Software, we provide a solution that can cater to all businesses irrespective of their size or scope.


At Resolve Biz Services & Apps, all our products are geared towards providing value and solving common problems that MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) usually face. We are determined to solve all attendance related problems that MSMEs usually face. However, the extremely diverse MSMEs sprawl across three major types of Retails provide an equally diverse set of attendance problems.

Continue reading to browse through our Retail scenarios and how Employee Attendance software can provide the solution for attendance problems that MSMEs face effectively and at at minimal cost. You will find out that with attendance app, we have created the best and most cost-effective attendance app in the current market.

What if you had no track of your employees’ day to day activities? This is the case in most Micro and Small Enterprises. A regular Micro or Small business has only a single doorway to enter or exit the business premise. Since the single doorway cannot be locked as customers enter or exit the store, this creates the scenario of an unsecured business premise where check-in and check-out times or break times are very hard to monitor.

Furthermore, these businesses are low paying jobs. There is no Access Control, no security guards and a persistent lack of trust as the employer and the employees are worlds apart.

An employee can claim to be on-premise without any proof except hearsay. It then becomes, nigh on impossible to ascertain the truth of the situation. This calls for a problem that is yet to be addressed by many retail-oriented businesses. So, how do you solve this situation?

By purchasing the Resolve Work app and a fingerprint scanner from Amazon installed in your business, you can have your employees scan their fingerprint on arrival at your business premise and similarly have your employees scan their fingerprint when they leave for the day.

Have the Resolve Work application installed on all of your employees’ smartphone. They will be able to view their attendance stats from the application.

Now, you can either use the Resolve Work app installed on your smartphone or open the Resolve Work Web Dashboard from any browser irrespective of whether you open it on your PC, tablet or even your smartphone browser. Click on the ‘Report’ tab and you can have detailed attendance and satellite data of all your employees. You will be able to view which employee came on time as well as their location and similarly, view the employees who came in late.

Additionally, the Resolve Work Web Dashboard comes equipped with great analytical tools that will show you a plethora of different data analysis that will definitely provide a solution that is backed by Data.

A Multi Store business is one of the prime dreams of most business owners. Having multiple stores signifies a business that has grown, however, multi store businesses are most often infested with attendance problems. Business owners are unable to equally divide their attention across multiple stores and as a result, you will find more cases of attendance problems in Multi Store businesses.

So, how do you solve the attendance issue in MultiStore businesses?

Purchase the Employee Attendance application and generic fingerprint scanners from Amazon, install the fingerprint scanner across all your stores and make it mandatory for employees to scan their fingerprint upon check-in and check-out, break start and break end, as well as commute start and commute end.

Now, simply compile all this data via the Employee Attendance application and you can easily be resting in your favorite armchair sipping a cup of tea while viewing detailed reports on the attendance of all your employees. Either open the Employee Attendance application on your smartphone or open the Employee Attendance Web Dashboard on any browser and get detailed analytics such as your habitual latecomers or the employees that take a ton of breaks and more.

Currently in India, there has been a steady growth in retail companies that have multiple store across multiple cities. There are businesses that operate in more than 100 locations.

This scenario is a compounded version of the problem that multi store businesses encounter. As the number of store increases, there is a directly proportional decrease in accountability of attendance. On top of that, when you spread multiple stores across multiple locations, then taking the attendance of all employees becomes a mammoth task in itself.

The solution is actually simple with Resolve Work. Again, purchase the Resolve Work application and fingerprint scanners for all stores across all the locations. Have all your employees scan their fingerprint when they check in and again when they check out.

Access the reports tab either via the Resolve Work application on your smartphone or via the Resolve Work Web Dashboard on your browser and obtain detailed data on the attendance of all your employees. Our in-built analytics tool will allow you to profile all your employees based on their leave profiles.

02. Field Solution

This solution is geared towards employees that work on the Field. Whether you own a pharmaceutical firm or a servicing company, you will have employees whose work is focused exclusively on working off-site. These employees bring with them, a new form of attendance problem as it is impossible to verify these employees’ whereabouts unless you are physically with them.

Off-site employees may claim to be on-site of customers while they are off on other work, or simply claim to be working while they are actually not. This is a major problem for businesses that have off-site employees. So, how do you solve this problem?

Again, the solution is simple. Purchase the Employee Attendance(GPS Version) and have it installed on all of your off-site employees’ smartphone. Simply have them check in with their GPS location on the Employee Attendance application at all planned workplaces. Additionally, you can enable ‘Commute Start/Stop’ from the Web Dashboard and you will further be able to view your off-site employee’s commute route. All data collected will be time stamped.

For devices that do not support GPS, you can enable the Selfie option from the Web Dashboards. Off-site employees can take a selfie with the workplace in the background. This selfie will be time-stamped and serve as proof of work.

Now, you only need to fire up the Employee Attendance application on your smartphone or access the Employee Attendance Web Dashboard and you will be able to view detailed stats as well as satellite data for all your employees. You can rest assured that your off-site employees are working with data-driven reports on Employee Attendance System.

03. Startup Solution

In a knowledge based society, Innovation drives the economy on all levels and types of oragnization in a nation. Startups are the very essence of innovation and this is one of the pivotal reasons why an abundance of startups equates to a healthy socio-economic of a nation. Startups provide innovation, new jobs and brings competitive dynamics to the otherwise stagnant business environment.

Startups are usually found in big coworking spaces along with numerous other startups. While, this helps keep the cost of running a startup low, coworking spaces bring it with a huge attendance problem. With hundreds of entrepreneur entering and exiting the coworking space at different time shifts, it becomes a tough task to manage attendance across employees.

With Employee Attendance software, startup founders will find the best partner in providing the right assistance in managing the attendance of all employees. Purchase Resolve Work and have the app installed on all your employees’ smartphone. This allows all your employees to clock in smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly at any time. We know that one of the trends across most startups is the irregular working time and with Resolve Work, you will be easily view the total working hours of your employees irrespective of whether you are at the office or not.

The Employee Attendance Web Dashboard acts as the integrated platform for all your employees’ attendance data and you will be able to view figures such as the strength, the number of employees present at realtime, number of employees currently absent and more.

04. biometric integrated solution

One of the best feature of the Employee Attendance application is how easily integrable it is with various biometric scanning devices. For workplaces that operate in shifts or across different time units will find it especially taxing to maintain a proper attendance register.

Furthermore, the traditional attendance register is very limited in the scope of information that it can capture. Typically, you only have check-in and check-out times. So how do you know which employee takes too much break time? Or which employee is on time regularly?  

The solution: Employee Attendance app!

Purchase the Employee Attendance application and integrate it with all Biometric device, whether it be a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner or even face recognition devices. With the help of biometric devices, employees cannot check-in for other employees, and this prevents employee time theft. Moreover, you can purchase these biometrics through e-commerce websites at cost as low as Rs. 2,500.

With Employee Attendance, you can include options such as commute start/end or break start/end. Furthermore, one other feature that Employee Attendance app offers is to integrate one biometric scanner for check in/outs and have a separate biometric scanner for break start/end.

So, let the biometric device handle the authentication part of your attendance while Employee Attendance app carries over the data from the biometric devices to provide you with the easiest attendance report.