Attendance Management System Dashboard
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Attendance anytime anywhere
Mark your attendance app from the comforts of your mobile device. Check-in and out, commute start and end, even break start and end, all at the tap on your device.
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Multiple mode of check in
With Resolve Attendance Management System, you have the option to use multiple modes of check-in. Whether it be via Biometric scanning, Selfie, GPS or more.
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View Report
You can view all statistics as well as the satellite data. You further have the choice to modify data, pending approval, incase of malfunction or errors.



Attendance Mode
Say for office staff where there is an existing biometric, you can configure for its integration. For field staff, you may enable Mobile Log in and so on.
Set all Business Hours
Each organization follows a different business hour schedule. Customize and set your business hours, your break allocations, off-site allocations, and more. You can further organize different shifts and set holidays according to your organization.
All the Data that you need
With the Attendance Management System, you have access to all the attendance data that you need. You can avail detailed check-in, check-out, absentees and even granular reports categorized according to your departments.
Employee Attendance App

Attendance Management Software Is Available for

attendance management software

Available for both Android and iOS

attendance management system

Available on PC as Browser based web application

attendance management software

Available for both Android and iOS

attendance management system
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testimonial-team (Demo)
CAD Design & development services

« Our Team works on multiple client sites and tracking the work done and billing has been a big hassle for us. More importantly, there is less friction in the team due to clear visibility. Thanks to Resolve Attendance Management System now we know exactly what work has been done for the day and we are able to generate bills on time. »

Auto accessories distributor

« Thanks to Resolve Attendance Management System, we have a complete visibility of dealers met for the day and our sales manager has better control over his function!! »

testimonial-team (Demo)
Samir Dhawan
Armida Technologies

« Our Team works from Office or Home. At the end of day, i know our commitments are honored. All are happy thanks to Leave Management Group. »

Pricing Plans
Rs. 500
Per Month
Rs. 75 per user per month
Rs. 15/User/Month (from 34th user)
Web and Mobile Login
Bio-metric Login
Auto-generated Daily Reports
Powerful Dashboard

Download Attendance Management Software

Resolve Work is currently available on Android. iOS application coming soon!

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The Attendance Management App works on all smartphones and tablet. With a dedicated application in both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, you can easily find Employee Attendance on either of them.

Additionally, you can access the Attendance Management Dashboard from any browser. Once you have purchased the Attendance Management Software, you can set all your attendance configurations from the Attendance Management Dashboard. Users can log in and stamp their attendance via any of the mediums that are enabled from the Attendance Management Dashboard.

Furthermore, whether you are commuting for work, or starting your break, you can easily select these options from the Attendance Management  App. Everything related to attendance solved with the Attendance Management App.

Do not let the simplicity of the Employee Attendance application fool you, the app achieves more than what is visible to the eye. All your employees will have the Employee Attendance application installed on their smartphones while you have access to the central Attendance Management Web Dashboard.

All Attendance Management App installed in your employee’s smartphone is connected to the central Attendance Management Dashboard. This means that every check-in & check-out, every commute, and breaks of the employee is automatically synced to the Attendance Management dashboard.

All relevant personnel such as the HR department, the Accounts department, and the business owner will be able to clearly and decisively view all employee attendance details. This means that the entire attendance structure is crystal clear for all to view and eliminates all conflict causation at its bud.


The level of permission that is allowed to your employee will be the same regardless of whether they are accessing the Attendance Management application from their smartphone or the Attendance Management Web Dashboard. This means that if your employer only has the permission to view his own attendance data, he will have the same level of permission whether he views it via the Attendance Management app from his smartphone or via The Attendance Management  Web Dashboard from his browser.

If you have allowed all attendance data viewing for your team leaders or administrators, then they will be able to view all attendance data irrespective of whether they are using the Attendance Management  App or the Attendance Management Web Dashboard.


All attendance data that is inputted through the Attendance Management Software are secured with our top-notch Fort Knox security system. Our servers accept data only via a secure and encrypted connection. All our traffic is sent via SSL and all your personal and sensitive information such as user password are encrypted such that even our own programmers DO NOT have access to them.


At Resolve Biz Service & Apps, we take security as a vital part of all our products and place your data security above all else.