ESI – Get Clean in a SPREE !


ESI applies to any small organization with 10 or more employees. Now, no need to shortchange your lower wage workers or worry of the past omissions on extending ESI coverage and benefits to your workers. The Govt has launched a SPREE programme of 3 months between Jan to  March 31st, 2017. Past history is all forgotten and you can cover only those employees who are eligible and now on the rolls. Appropriately, this ESI Scheme is called SPREE (Scheme to Promote Registration of Employers/ Employees) to help employers get compliant. No penalties, no past dues to be paid. Commence with a clean slate on a prospective basis. The registration process is fully online, no dept visits required. Click Here Making Provident Fund payments through online – SBI

Key Benefits are:

  • Coverage will start from the date of declaration by the employer or date of registration.
  • The newly registered employees shall be treated as covered from the date of their registration.
  • The SPREE drive will not have bearing on actions taken/ required under the ESI Act prior to 20 December 2016. Also, read ESIS workers get tips to improve their hygiene


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