Resolve Legal Governance, Compliance and Risk Management

In today’s business climate, accountability, transparency, and a high regard for laws, regulations, and ethical conduct is as much a part of how an organization manages its affairs as its primary mission and operations.

As part of its service Resolve takes care of your Payroll related or as the case may be corporate complaince by juditiously advising you on registration under necessary statutes ; defining a proper compliance calendar for your need and ensuring that the same is adhered to, leaving off all compliance related worries from your bandwidth.It is always better to comply rather than rectifying at a later stage due to gaps in Knowledge, skills competence or a working methodology. Are you aware of legal problems concerning the business operations you are in charge of that need special attention and are you enabled to make absolutely sure to conduct business operations legal. Many a times awareness of law is not enough but you also require a competence to effectively monitor the compliance. Compliance are necessary to mitigate liability of organisations as well as its directors, Executives and personnel.It also got indirect benefit of maintaining company reputation and employee morale.

Some of the work we do are

  • Setup compliance - required under various labour and corporate laws like Registraions under Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax, PF,ESI and Shops and Establishments
  • Operating Compliance - for our customers in complying with periodic and event based obligations and the above laws
  • Issue Based representations - Sometimes it is required when there is non compliance or backlog in your past which required to be rectified and regularised. We also represent customers before the legal authorities when required in our work expertise.

Resolve defines your compliance goals and plans and ensures proper personnel , technology, skills and tools are deployed to bring stability and transparancy.