Managing all
customer relations
under a platform

In Today’s World, all business interactions are fast paced and it can be extremely difficult to track all your Customer interactions. Once your business starts expanding, it gets even harder to maintain customer relations.
With CRM Solutions, we provide a simple and intuitive solution to managing all customer relationships with additional secondary informations appended.

Solutions with CRM SOFTWARE

At Resolve Biz Services & Apps, our promise is to always deliver products that enable easier business management. Every business knows how important it is to maintain detailed customer relations. You should be able to pinpoint exactly where each customer lies in your sales funnel or process stage. 

With CRM Software solutions, we have taken the wide scope of the business sector into consideration and have highlighted five different scenarios where CRM Software comes to save the day. Our CRM model manages all your interactions with your customers from the start until it ends.

with CRM solutions app on your smartphone or from the web dashboard, you not only have a detailed analysis of all customers, but you also have various channels to engage them with. CRM Software solutions come with a built in option for Call, SMS, or email. This consolidates all your interactions such that top tier management have a crystal clear view of all pipeline movements. CRM Software solutions also feature an attendance function where your field employees can clock in/out.

So what makes CRM Software solutions the best in the current market? Have a look through all of our CRM solutions.

To satisfy your customers and provide them with best of your services, you need to reach out to them by sending your customer representative to their location. Sometimes traveling back & forth from a client’s place to the office can be a lot frantic and for those facing this, we have the perfect solution.

And the solution is a CRM solutions app as it comes in handy, as it solves most of the problems a business faces in its day to day sales and other field related activities. All you have to do is have our CRM application installed on their phone, allowing you to have access to their location and the job in progress.

Now, your field employees do not have to juggle between work and client’s location as all the stages taking place during the meeting with the customer can be updated under the  CRM application.

Both our app and web dashboard allows the employee to perform work without causing much delay as the only intention is to visit and solve the problem a client is facing. And this is how CRM Software solutions work fine with the Services Sales operation.

Not all jobs are compatible with each individual, as there are different skill sets required in each stage of the business. For example, an employee might be great at stages 1-5, but the same employee cannot be great in the later stage. And here is when the organization takes responsibilities in filling those gaps and give them adequate training.

This is the stage where the organization takes the necessary steps to get the best out of their employees by assigning them on the basis of their skill sets. And by classifying each employee as per their skill can help one identify the average time spent on a job and their problems on that particular stage.

With CRM Software solutions, you get to clear these doubts by classifying and understanding the job of each employee and their progress report with the app and web dashboard. CRM Software solutions allow an on-field employee to share report by maintaining a sales diary which includes: tasks completed, calendar and also set up individual benchmarks.

So get your hands on CRM Software solutions, to have a better workflow with regards to sales.


As the business expands things get more and more to know the complexity of how the distribution of goods is taking place or is it actually reaching to the end customer or not? These questions pop-up every time there is a demand for a particular stock. This expansion leads to causing more dilemma while tracking the relationship either with the manufacturer or with the customer.

With CRM Software solutions, you get all of the information right under your fingertips, with our simple yet easy to use mobile application. And as the Distribution system is vague, one has just to visit the outlets and find the current stock and resupply items. The employees have to collect orders and money for further secondary sales. The CRM app on your employee’s phone acts as a tool that enables the employee to share the details of the orders and allow the office to have access to all of this information.

The CRM mobile application provides an easy management to all the stocks out in the field and also creates an efficient channel. With CRM Software solutions, your field employees can avail facilities like scan and attach the business cards, in case the employee leaves and not submitted the cards at the office. The application also allows the employee to scan the order list and upload it on the go.

The process of delivering the goods is a very tedious process and gets more hectic when there is no record of every stage of the process. The point from where the delivering phase has started to the point it reaches the customer, every moment of the process has to come under the notice of the organization.

And with CRM application, you can track the flow of the goods in just the right manner, hence makes managing delivery process quite easy. From the current status to other logistic services, everything is now feasible with the help of a smartphone.

With the guidance, of CRM Software solutions, as and when the shipment has met its final destination, it is marked right away with no further delay. The application also provides complete details on the logistics partner, the information on who delivered the shipment, when did it reach the destination and who received it. This information are accessible from the “Task” tab of the CRM application.

For members going off-site is a really tough job, as they no longer have access to label themselves as present or on time. And this may happen at times when employees are visiting a site where the project is taking place, some of the examples are: building a dam, construction of a building or to set up an electronic transformer in a forest area.

And with CRM Software solutions, you can clear out this problem with the user-friendly application that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. The CRM Software solutions provide a head office to define multiple stages along with the attendance as well as the current status of the project. The head of an organization can view the status of the project management.

Another aspect of the CRM Software solutions is that it keeps the reviewer active and engaging with different color codes for each and multiple stages of the project.