Record all Leads, ensure pipeline movements and improve sales with CRM Software

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Core Features

Increase Productivity
With CRM Software, you have a common platform for all your records. Whether it be sources, partners, quotes issued, commercials, renewals and etc; everything in one record
Close more Deals
With CRM Software, you will never miss a lead again. Close more deals as a result of CRM Software
Lead Workflow
CRM Software comes with a built-in lead pipeline. Easily identify and act upon stagnant or slow moving leads.
Manage Everything
Manage multiple processes, including sales, services, logistics or even distribution with CRM Software.
Automated Reports
CRM Software provides daily automated sales report. This frees up your team from compiling the same report every day.
Complete Transparency
CRM Software boasts the best team visibility. Check every info, from checked in time & location to claims and team calendars.
additional features
What sets CRM Software apart from others?
In-built addons
CRM Software comes with an in-built calendar, SMS, call and email facility. It further supports an activity log as well.
Task Creation
Easily create and assign tasks across different team members with ease. Even add due dates.
Application Access
Easily add and manage an extended team with CRM Software. Provide app access as well.
Activity Reminder
CRM Software comes with a built-in reminder. Never miss your schedule again with CRM Software.
CRM Software
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More Leads
Sales Cycle Reduction

Daily Reports

Simple and Powerful

CRM Software

Turn your sales team into an unstoppable force with CRM Software

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Ahmed Shareef
CEO & Founder

With CRM Software, our business is finally able to concentrate on actually selling instead of managing the administration. CRM Software is worth its price tag!

Abhay Rathee
Sales Manager

Our company had a huge improvement after acquiring CRM Software. Our sales are up by 37%, sales productivity up by 44%, and forecast accuracy by 48%. You are missing out if you are not using CRM Software.

Pinky Shah
HR Manager

Resolve Biz Services & Apps has made CRM easy with their Cloud based CRM solution: Resolve CRM. Now our organization CRM is easy to implement and is updated simultaneously. Everyone has access to the updated data in realtime.

Pricing Plan
The complete CRM solution at the
healthiest price
up to 4 users
₹250/User/Month (From 5th User)
GST @ 18% Additional
Web and mobile login
Auto-generated daily reports
Download Resolve CRM

Resolve CRM can be downloaded in Android from Play Store and in IOS from App Store.

 Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know about
CRM Software

CRM refers to “Customer Relationship Management”. CRM plays a crucial role in all businesses as this helps in storing customer details such as name, address, contact numbers, and etc. A CRM system helps you keep your customer’s contact details up to date, track every interaction they have with your business, and manage their accounts. It’s designed to help you, improve your customer relationships, and in turn, customer lifetime value.

With CRM Software, you get all the above and more; complete visibility of all the team’s activities, the time they checked in, location, field movements, and claims along with team’s calendar and tasks management. Further, you can schedule appointments, add notes, create reports send emails and much more.

CRM Software is, in fact, very different from the other CRM software that you can find in the market. While most CRM software does feature the same functionalities as that of CRM Software, the major difference that you will find immediately is the pricing difference. Resolve Biz Services and Apps is not out to empty your pocket. With our major focus being on SME (Small – medium enterprise), our pricing is just and apt for the product that is being sold.

Further, CRM Software goes up and beyond what a typical CRM software does. Our software allows you to have complete transparency over the team’s activities and can also be used to manage multiple processes: be it sales, services, logistics or distribution.

When you skim through the different functionalities and the features that CRM Software provides, it can be hard to imagine the application running on a smartphone. However, it does just that.

CRM Software runs on all smartphone and tablet platforms: Android and iOS. You can further use any browser to access the CRM Software web dashboard. The level of access that is granted to a user remains the same irrespective of the device that is used to access CRM Software.

CRM Software is optimized across all platforms and devices. Our user-friendly interface ensures that all your team members will be able to access the CRM software with minimal training.