PF cuts red tape - Medical Emergency - Tap into your PF Savings

Posted Date 15-05-2017

PF Amnesty Scheme date extended till June 2017

Posted Date 03-04-2017

PF Department - Getting Efficient Reduction in Administrative costs EDLI Administrative cost - Kept in Abeyance

Posted Date 24-03-2017

PF does away with Revenue Stamp

Posted Date 10-03-2017

Digitizing Business Identity - Udyog Aadhar

Posted Date 10-03-2017

Pension On Retirement - Simplification of Forms - Thanks to Aadhaar!

Posted Date 07-03-2017

Stipend When PF applies & When PF does NOT !

Posted Date 07-03-2017

Plugging the Corpus loophole - Budget 2017

Posted Date 28-02-2017

Resolve Brochure

Posted Date 22-02-2017

Presentation on NGO Formation in India

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a not for profit organization (NPO) independent from government, formed for charitable purpose. It describes a type of organization that does not earn profits or increase the wealth of its owners. All of the money earned by or donated to a not-for-profit organization is used in pursuing the organization's objectives and keeping it running.  Although in some countries, NGOs have been working on social problems for centuries, in recent times they have been increasingly recognized as an important contributor in social, economic and political development. However, there are many legal and regulatory frameworks monitoring the NGO world: Its formation, registrations, operational compliances, eligibility for tax breaks, accounts and audit, governance, credibility and best practices.  Resolve has made a presentation on establishing an NGO in India, its various formats and regulatory compliance needs for the purpose of GAP audience. You can download the presentation from  here.

Posted Date 31-01-2017