Multiple Pay Structures

Multiple Pay structures can be designed to group similar category of employees at the same time optimising labour laws and tax laws.

Multi Location

Consolidated and segregated views and workflows based on relative roles and access rights. Ability to empower and delegate to Branches.

Sub-Contractor Payroll

Ease in managing Contract workers in the common platform with different structures, payslips and confidence on meeting principal employer obligations.

Mobile App

Market Leaders in providing mobile app in outsourced payroll services.

Payroll MIS

Incredible MIS on your highest costs. Monthly payroll costs sliced and diced based on Division, Department, Location, Cost Center etc.

SLA Reporting

Monthly SLA tracking and Reporting of actuals versus agreement to measure service performance.

Statutory Filings

TDS, eTDS, PT, PF, ESI, S&E, Contract Labour etc Computed, Prepared and returns files as per law.

Super Controls

Be it on payments, compliances, taxes, head count movement, special instructions, arrears, increments etc - We have a way with it.

Personal Touch

Employee queries on mail, phone, periodic help desks or one to one payroll counselling.

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