Team Management

With smart and focussed information across the Sales team available, your team meetings can get sharp and purpose oriented. Both Managers and Sales persons can meaningfully participate and collectively deliver as a strong team.


Take a picture & store of the business cards of all your business contacts whom you meet, build your own contact database on your mobile. Our CRM become the communication hub, inwards or outwards be it calls, sms or emails and you have the updated entire history available on a tap.

Task list

Plan, update, close, assign, log time spent etc etc. Or for that matter create your own unique task types as say Demo, Negotiate, and configure your own unique task status to not only know but also gain intelligence at a detailed and summary level on multiple task measures viz Efficiency, Quality, Turn around time, effort taken etc.


Activities and the more types of activities, leads to progress, success and a sense of purpose. Our CRM helps each business define their own sense of market purpose, a configurable structure to achieve it, record it or measure the same.

Channel Partner Hierarchy

Sales, be it direct or indirect through Dealers can seamlessly be managed on our CRM. The CRM app can be made available to your dealers and their Sales persons with oversight of your Channel Manager. The Channel Manager can quite easily expand his Sales force through leveraging on dealers and deploying our CRM across the board.

Daily Report

The Sales man can stay focussed on Sales, relationships, sales tasks, travelling to customer offices, contacting through any medium be it phone, sms or emails and just not worry about his daily report. Our CRM generates an automated Daily Report which assembles all the activities, progress and results of the day into a Daily Report.

Digital Sales Diary

The Salesman's own mobile logging on to ResolveRM app turns into his favourite work companion. Plan, Schedule appointment, update companie's, contacts, set up tasks, progress leads, mark success and many more. All from our CRM app.


All multifarious communication and contact points by one Sales person or many with the same lead or customer gets recorded as a communication history and anyone in the sales team can take the case forward, hitting the ground running.

Task management

We provide an easy way to track your calendar and to do list for the day in your mobile. You as the account owner and relationship manager expect many things to be done in the background by your team, be it your channel partner, Tele-caller, accountant or legal and commercials. All of you will be


The entire daily movement of the Salesman gets recorded on a GPS and based on the mileage rates of your company an automated Conveyance claim gets initiated for settlement and payment. No waiting for compiling a claim or having it paid.

9 ways in which your Business will benefit

Quick Implementation

Literally in three hours your business will be up and running your sales management in a digital platform. All your team has to do is register themselves on our web and download and app from play store and that’s it. You are ready to go!!

CRM ~ Next Gen

Your sales team spends more time on mobile as their sales tool. Why not enable them to manage their sales with it.

Minimal to no training

Our App is designed simple for a sales person to complete all his day to day tasks on his mobile itself providing convenience of work

One Team

You have sales team and channel partners and their team members in multiple locations. No problem. Our App will enable you to work as a team for your business

Sales Productivity

Plan your day, schedule your appointments, update your sales progress, claim your conveyance, Sign off in style.

Automated daily work report

Do you spend your time at the end of hard day’s work in preparing and collating reports? Leave the mundane job to us. We will do it for you.

Document Management

All related documents can be attached on the go. Be it a visiting card, sales quote or a service order. Find all relevant docs at your fingertips.

Opportunity Management

Do you have a system to manage leads and resellers not meet and hence not converted? We provide you the information on cases NOT worked on and cases lagging behind for you to act upon in real time.

Sales Forecast

Our App allows you to update your actuals as well as expected date of closure of each milestone and we provide your business insight on average time taken for the same to build better business forecast with value with the scope to cut short your sales cycle.

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You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. We can help you to grow your business & team. Get in touch with us to have a great start !!



Rs. 1000/- up to 5 users
Beyond 5 users - Rs. 180 per user per month.
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