SME Manufacturing

Job manufacturing, process manufacturing, assembly operations or unit operations have typical needs of SKU definitions, Inventory Groups & categories, warehousing, Bill of materials, WIP valuation, accounting for scrap & waste, product costing, all of which calls for engineering the processes, assigning responsibly, work-flows, record keeping and automation to ensure the assumed efficiencies are in reality being obtained.
Typically the CEO’s of SME are externally focused on obtaining business, procurement of raw materials and facing various types of constraints on meaningful internal financial information be it on manufacturing costs, margins, cash flows, working capital, ageing of inventories etc. with and have a legacy accounting structure and inventory system serving primarily compliance objectives rather than management decision making.
At Resolve we have functional expertise on manufacturing processes which are best implemented on Tally software platform for inventory and accounting designed for management decision making as well as compliances. Typically we offer a Accounting and Inventory study as a Consulting service and facilitate the re-orientation of in-house staff towards stated objectives.
We at Resolve, like to engineer your accounting and inventory to help you engineer your business better!