Your digital sales dairy!!

    Demos and meetings for the day !! deal progress; tasks on hand !! Latest update on your account !! we provide all your accounts and contacts neatly organized for your sales efficacy with inbuilt phone, SMS and email facility!!

     Claim Smart!! Claim now!!

    Let us face it!!  how many petty claims you missed out while preparing an expense claim form !! no more lost bill issues !! no more approximation!!

    Leave concerns!! Leave it to us!!

    Know your leave balances, leave history, leave application status, upcoming holidays for leave planning and above all apply leave at your own convenience!!


    Your attendance in your hands !!

    Work from home, direct visit to client office, sign off from field !! no problem we provide complete convenience to make your day counts!!


    Resolve all your needs in One APP.

    Resolve is the single touch point for all your employee needs. They can check their Pay slip, update attendance, apply leave or submit their expense claim on the go!!

    An indispensable tool for your field staff!!


    One App for your many business needs!!

    While Resolve provides convenience to your employees to transact through their mobile, your data is safe and secure in a tier 3 data center.



transform Your business

Get complete visibility of your teams’ sales calendar, progress and tasks and get daily sales report automated!!Teams’ presence, conveyance claims are all linked in a single app with their daily operations seamlessly!!


All your employee needs in One APP.

Resolve is the single touch point for all your employee needs, be it their Pay slip, attendance, leave or expense claim. Manage multiple locations, field work and process efficiency.


Best Leave Manager for SMEs

We provide complete insights into Leave patterns, habitual leave takers, those crossing their eligibility and take care to update statutory registers and records.

Leave it to us the balances to be carry forward for next cycle, leave accrual logic of yours, treatment of in between and prefixing and suffixing holidays and management of comp off.


Record and control your expenses in real time

Capture expenses then and there, ensure them all complying with your policies, and follow the trend with detailed analytics by person, cost centre, expense head. Clearly know what is billable to customers and maintain soft copy of all claims. To top it all update your books of accounts seamlessly!!

No more surprises after account closures!!

Be it travel claims, in principle approvals, advances, conveyance or any other business expenses, establish Processes, generic or specific to a set of employees, manage exceptions , get to know the detailed breakup by location, department, division and more.

We allow you to manage your petty cash too.

Gain control over your business growth

Your customer and market rates you based on your sales and execution prowess. Manage effectively your sales team and logistics be it procurement, distribution or after sales.Let the field not distance your team from updating accounts added, progress made and tasks completed or simply latest customer communications. 

Many ways to greet your work!!

How to record attendance when work goes to staff place !! we provide multiple options to record attendance based on identity, geo location and time stamp. Be it multi locations, field work, work from home or onsite reporting !! a convenient and accurate system which can be combined with your biometric info to provide insights on regularity, punctuality and working hours.

convenient and compliant!!

When someone applies for Leave, you need to know their leave track record, available leave balances, Leave applied by other members in your team and correct leave policy to be applied for a given situation.


A real time web Dashboard

Enjoy the complete visibility of your team be it workers in office, sales team with prospects and logistics team at client place.

You will know who has come, when and where reported to work and when they signed off. What is more the records are open to reporting managers and  employees about check in, check out , hours worked and breaks availed including PTO. Your team can be confident of their attendance and It’s a perfect self-regulatory tool.