Leave Management System automates everything from leave accounting, grants, to period closing activities

core features
Whatever your leave credit cycle or leave lapse rules, define your leave unit, leave types, leave policies and leave EVERYTHING with Leave Management System.
Set Leave Rules
Set your Leave Units, Leave types, annual limits and other leave policies.
HR’s Dream App
Keep track of everyone. Know who is on leave and who is not at a glance at the Leave Management App.
Freedom to you
Leave Management System supports to leave encashment. Manage PTO (Personal Time Off) and comp off with one app.
Every business is supposed to have Form F (Leave Card) & Form T (Muster rolls) at all times. Download these from Leave Management App with a tap.
Complete Transparency
Check for all pending approvals with Leave Management's completely transparent leave process.
additional features
What sets leave management system apart from others?
All records anytime
Leave Management System brings the power to you. Know how many employees have Requested leave, their Reason for leave, leave approved or not, and much more.
Cloud Service
Leave Management Software is hosted on Tier III Cloud with best in class infrastructure and is completely secure. 24/7 around the clock customer service guaranteed.
One of a kind UI
Leave Management App is available for Android, iOS and as a web-based browser application. The SaaS application boasts a great user interface and can be access across devices.
Leave Profiling
Profile your employee based on their leaves according to their highest/lowest banding. With Leave Management System, get insights from Leave analytics & Leave Trends.
Leave Management System
We are proud to show numbers

Reduction in Unplanned Leave
Reduction in No Shows
Reduction in Leave Reconciliation
Leave Management

Welcome Labour Inspectors

with a Smile

Now you can greet labour officers with a smile as you provide all the statutory Form F & T with a single tap on leave management System.

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Priyanka Shrivastav
HR Manager

With Leave Management System, we are able to track all the aspects of the leave process. No more wasting of time by reaching out to employees in person and asking who is on leave and who is not.

Jagannath Vishwas
CEO & Founder

The top-notch service of Leave Management System helped our organization to reduce 70% of AWOL, allowing the employers to drop in and work harder.

Ana Jayshree
HR Manager

Me traveling more often found it hard to skim through the leave record. But with the assistance of a channel like Leave  Management System, I now track all the requests on the go either from web or application.

Pricing Plan
We know Leave Management App is exactly what you need.
Our pricing is simple and honest to reflect this.
per month
Upto 33 Users

Rs. 15/User/Month (from 34th user)

Minimum Rs. 500/Month/Legal Entity
GST @ 18% Additional
Web and mobile login
Compliance report
Download Resolve Leave

Resolve Leave can be downloaded in Android from Play Store and in IOS from App Store.

 Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know about Leave Management System

Sure, giving a left call to your HR manager is the normal method that most employ. However, as the number of employee increases, so does the pressure and the workload on the HR managers. The HR manager needs to approve your leave request and inform all relevant members of your leave. So, what if there are 30 employees across different departments that have applied for a leave? This creates an immense load on the HR manager to inform every relevant member. 

This is when leave management comes into action with its cutting-edge ‘leave channel’.

Leave Management System opens a channel for all employees to apply for leave from their home PC or their very own smartphone. These leave requests channel is open and all relevant personnel is notified of the leave request. This saves the hassle of informing other members of the employee who is on leave. 

Leave Management System gives complete transparency for managers across the board, allowing them to grant or decline the leave, anytime and anywhere. Whether you are in your office in front of the PC traveling with just your smartphone; you can view, approve/decline and check the current leave report from the app or the web dashboard instantly. 

On paper, the Leave Management System does sound complicated. However, in reality, leave management app will only make tracking leaves easier across all departments. The Leave Management System user interface is extremely intuitive and each employee will be able to view their leave trends, leave balance and leave policies according to their access level.

If still in doubt, contact us and arrange for a demo. You will realize how much effort and time you will save with the Leave Management Software.

With the 21st century digitization of any and everything, traditional leave registers are a thing of the past. There are a ton of differences between the Leave Management system and the traditional leave registers.

If you are currently using the traditional leave registers, what is the process for you to know how many employees are on leave or not? You call your HR department and ask for the current leave data. The employees at the HR department will go through their leave register and finally inform you of the current leave records.

If you are using Leave Management and want to know the current leave records, what do you do? Just open your smartphone and tap on records. There you have it, your organization current leaves records in a matter of seconds. You can simply put this scenario in this sense; the Leave Management platform acts as your PA when it comes to the leave registers. 

Every organization has their own set of leave policies. Whether you allow PTO (Personal Time Off) and Comp Off, no matter what your leave cycle or your leave unit, everything can be configured through the web dashboard of Leave Management System. who is neither taking leave nor working, a supervisor can afford them to have a Personal Time Off by taking the right decisions based on the workflow.

You can even set different leave policies for different departments such that your core administrative members can avail as much leave as they want while for others, their leave request needs to be approved.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the different customizations that you can perform on the Leave Management application. Contact us for a demo right now.