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Different organisations have different needs. Within an organisation, some teams have strict rules while some require flexibility based on their job role. Some use Access Cards or Bio-Metric, while some report attendance on the phone, WhatsApp, manual registers and so on. With Resolve Work software, we provide you the facility to integrate any existing mode of attendance recording and offer you many more options so that each team based on their needs has an appropriate attendance rule and mode of recording and yet you get an integrated view across all your locations. Read more about each of the attendance modes that can be Resolved.

Our GPS mode  provides  flexibility & independence to your field teams & at the same time real-time information to your Managers as well. Not only..

Biometric devices & their supporting software provide localised information to a HR Manager & call for manual intervention of synchronisation..

USB Fingerprint device is relevant for small setups like retail chains, co-working spaces and is an inexpensive option as compared to a Bio-Metric device.

Not all organizations and all teams may have a biometric system and may not necessarily be requiring a mobility-based attendance system as well.

Work from home has been gaining increased acceptance across many organizations, which provides flexibility to the worker & cuts out hours of

Simple 10 Step Attendance Setup

Employee Master

This is how your Attendance is Resolved

All that your HR Manager or our Attendance Experts need to do is set up your Organisation structure the way it is, Import your Employee database in excel with their Names, ID’s, designations their, Reporting Managers, set up Public Holidays, Weekly Offs, Working Days and Working Hours, either as common to all or multiple rules for different teams, Punctuality rules if it is important to your organisation, assign which mode suits whom, be it Bio Metric, GPS, Web login, USB Fingerprint or Work from Home. With this setup, all your team members can download the mobile app or register themselves to the web app and your whole Attendance system is set.

Real Time Visibility!

The expectation of attendance and timeliness is a kind of unstated given and yet keeps escaping being on top of for most organizations. Employees by norm would follow policies and conventional attendance systems serve well for conventional environments. With changing times, the exception, the mobility demands of work for those on the move and for that matter the flexibility needs of work from home call for new age attendance solutions. Resolve Attendance attempts to harmonize this diversity of work and attendance needs into a common solution and provides real-time visibility. Be it by location, Department, Projector for those on the move and all can be viewed from a mobile app or a web app.


Per Month

Upto 33 users

Rs. 15/User/Month (from 34th user)

Powerful Dashboard

Bio-metric Login

Web and Mobile Login

Biometric Integration for GPS*

Geo Tag
Per Month

Upto 10 users

Rs. 75/user/month

Powerful Dashboard

Auto-generated Daily Reports

Bio-metric Login

Web and Mobile Login

Google Route Map
Per Month

Upto 5 users

Rs. 210/user/month

Powerful Dashboard

Auto-generated Daily Reports

Bio-metric Login

Web and Mobile Login

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Frequently Asked Questions

Resolve Attendance is a new Age technology product available on cloud and also on user mobile handset.

Resolve Attendance App is available on both Android (Version 5.0 above) and also on IOS.

The entire organisation would have access to the Attendance platform, however the Attendance data is filtered based on the role in the organisation. For e.g. an user who does not have any subordinates can only access his / her Attendance data. A Manager can access the attendance data of his team, a department head can access the attendance data of his entire department. A HR department can view for the entire organisation. Our attendance app empowers the key stakeholders.

Resolve Attendance app has the functionality of Geo tagging solution. The field employees need to install our app on their mobile handset and need to clock-in, commute and also clock out wherein it takes the Geo location and as per the server time.

Yes, the managers can review their sales / service team geo location from their mobile handset.

No. There is no way users can modify either Geo location or the timing.

Yes. Our attendance mode configuration is designed in such a way we can define a multi-mode attendance marking option.

Our Attendance solution for Retails stores is a very cost effective. Our application is integrated with a USB port fingerprint device which is very economical and suited for retail stores which need to be plugged into a system. The store employees need to clock-in and clock-out from the fingerprint device which integrated with our application on real-time.

Resolve Attendance app has the ability to configure the business hours based on different location, different department, Project, Division, Function etc. Our app even has the option to define timings at group level or even at individual employee level.

Resolve Attendance app has ability to configure flexible timing with a minimum fixed duration or even flexible timing with flexible work hours. Again this can be defined for a team or even an individual employee level

Resolve Attendance app has the option to define holiday based on different location, business verticals, department wise etc. Therefore, client wise holiday definition is quite possible.

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