No more surprises after account closures!!

Be it travel claims, in principle approvals, advances, conveyance or any other business expenses, establish Processes, generic or specific to a set of employees, manage exceptions , get to know the detailed breakup by location, department, division and more.

We allow you to manage your petty cash too.



Gain control over your business growth

Your customer and market rates you based on your sales and execution prowess. Manage effectively your sales team and logistics be it procurement, distribution or after sales.Let the field not distance your team from updating accounts added, progress made and tasks completed or simply latest customer communications. 


convenient and compliant!!

When someone applies for Leave, you need to know their leave track record, available leave balances, Leave applied by other members in your team and correct leave policy to be applied for a given situation.




A real time web Dashboard

Enjoy the complete visibility of your team be it workers in office, sales team with prospects and logistics team at client place.

You will know who has come, when and where reported to work and when they signed off. What is more the records are open to reporting managers and  employees about check in, check out , hours worked and breaks availed including PTO. Your team can be confident of their attendance and It’s a perfect self-regulatory tool.