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Don’t let managing expenses become your business ?  You and your team can concentrate on your business growth while we provide a customized expense management service best suited to your Organisation structure, authorization matrix, cost structure, reporting needs with a dedicated account manager to resolve all your business expenses .  This is our expertise !!   We work on expense management solutions, day in and day out .

An easy way to manage the conveyance expenses capturing place of travel, distance travelled, travel purpose, allowed travel mode (as per your policy),…

Our Expense App is your travel companion. As and when or then and there you incur expenses, the same can be captured on the mobile App.

All your Vendors may not follow ONE process of submission across your entire organisation and locations. Some may forward by courier, some by email, some across the table and to not necessarily one person…

Petty cash is meant to cover minor business expenses and should be kept under control to avoid unnecessary cash Transactions…

Expense Management app
Mapping your business expenses environment – How it is Resolved !

Our Expenses Expert sets up your environment on the software that covers, your organisation structure in terms of Departments, Locations etc, the People and teams with their reporting relationships, the various processes you have/require form Vendor Bills, Vendor Advances, Travel Indents, Travel Expense Claims, Conveyance, etc. The various expense rules that you have or would like to have in terms of T & E policies on per diem, mileage, travel class. The Expense Heads, Cost structures and its mapping to your accounting software or ERP system. Our Expert’s focus is to see you have a custom solution for an optimum Expense management environment that is best for your business.

All your business expenses – Brought within your grasp !

Once our Expense Expert has set you and your organisations expense environment up, all expense users can now function through the Mobile App for all your designated processes. Managers can approve claims, indents also from the mobile app. Powerful expense analytics are rendered on the App itself. The sheer comprehensiveness and convenience of ResolveX will endear you to it !

Expense Management app
Dedicated Customer Success Partner

Your Customer Success Manager acts as your single point of contact guiding you through all the stages of set up, implementation, user training, change management, integration requirements, best practices in T&E policies etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ResolveX is not only a web-based software and a mobile app as well, But It is also available in both Android and IOS versions.

Our software helps in streamlining all business expenditures with the exception of payroll. Be it Employee local conveyance, Travel Expenses, Vendor Bill processing, Petty Cash management.

Highly scalable and easy to setup. Manage multiple location expenses with high configurability. Supports expense policies, document storage, multiple workflows, email alerts, escalation mechanism, exception reporting and a lot more to manage your expenses. Brings transparency, visibility and accountability to your expense management system

The ResolveX software has been designed to cater to the very many types of processes that business face with. From a simple Receiving of a Vendor Bill for processing, to a Travel Indent/Request for seeking prior approval to a planned trip, to a request for a Employee Advance or a Vendor Advance or an Employee’s Expense claim or a claim against an advance or a sundry expense or a payment process either for an individual payment or a batch mode like a check run as also a process to integrate with your  Accounting or ERP back end software.

We believe that customers know what is best for them and make their choices of Bankers or card issuers that suits them the best. Likewise at Resolve, we believe we understand business expenses well and the software helps you do just that. You can use any Bank or Credit or Pre-paid card with no limitations.

Each process type is a separate workflow and you can assign the authorisation matrix of approval for any transaction in that process type. To explain, say Vendor Bill is a separate process type. This has different team members playing different roles. For example, your Front Office person can be a Bill Receiver, whose job is to receive a Vendor bill, scan, attach and enter some minimal information like Bill No, Amount, name of vendor and then submit the same. This would trigger an email notification to the Bill Approver in the workflow, who could be the Administrative Manager. He approves the Vendor Bill with his comments/notes and the next person in the process flow will get notified for his action. Likewise, each of the other processes can have their own workflows and authorisation matrix. For smaller and flatter organisation, you can have a two-stage process or in a larger or distributed organisation a multi-layered set of workflows that is best to suit your business needs.

You can configure each process step as to the timeframe for making a decision, be it an approval or a reject. You can measure which process is happening based on your internal SLA levels defined and which are not for taking corrective actions. Also, the efficiency of different players in the system can be visible for improving their efficiency.

In ResolveX you can at the time of set up map your Expense Heads to that in your back-end Accounting or ERP software. Likewise, any cost centerscan also be mapped. Thereafter the integration can either be configured or customised to your specific requirement so that integration would be seamless which would eliminate significant effort and cost while maintaining data integrity between the two software.

In ResolveX, you can view your expenses in ever so many ways as Analytics across Expense Groups, Heads, Cost Centers or Claimants for user defined periods, transactions at different process stages and as to with whom they are pending, a host of reports across Expense Heads, Claimants, Payments mode be it cash, Bank or Card, your outstanding payables at any given point in time, the open advances pending settlement and so on.  With ResolveX, you literally can get on top of all your costs and expenses and its visibility will help you take business decisions whereby you are confident to derive business value for the costs you incur.

No, there isn’t any restriction as such. We can provide access to ResolveX for all your current employees and all future additions if it’s required.

Once a process at any lower level in the process stage has occurred an email notification gets triggered to the next person in the respective process stage so that he/she becomes aware that the matter is pending his action and approval. In addition, for visibility other members or senior management can also be set up to receive a cc copy of the email notification so that they have a good oversight on the specific process and transactions.

All expense related data recorded in ResolveX platform is stored in world class cloud technology servers with separate backup servers in different location as well. All the data is secured with a 256 bit encryption and hence is safe like best in class cloud software.

You can always reach out to us either through our help desk or email or chat option. The respective team will reach out to you with a solution immediately or next day if issue is reported after office hours.

If by chance you face any issues, please log your query in our Help Desk.  And if required you may also write to us at Our billing team will respond to your query and will work towards resolving the same with immediate effect.

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