GPS Attendance
Your Field Force – Resolved!

Mobility Based Attendance System

Our GPS mode provides flexibility and independence to your field teams and at the same time real-time information to your Managers as well. Not only is the location of movement marked but also the organisation and person met is recorded for subsequent review and relationship management. The distances traversed can also be utilized for conveyance reimbursement. We provide two GPS plans. Base Version which is Geo-Tagging and the Premium GPS version which captures actual route and distances as well.

Field Movement – It’s 4 Dimensions

Clock In ~ Clock Out

Your field force enabled with a mobile App and GPS are no longer compelled to start or end their day from your office. Instead they can begin and end their day in the field directly saving precious wasteful commute time. Their Clock In and Clock Out time stamp and GPS coordinates get recorded. You not only make it convenient to your field force but also enhance their productivity.

Commute – Start and End

All and each movement of your field force can be recorded and distances traversed. Your field force data on commutes is aggregated and you could evaluate logistics improvement based on the data made available.

Commute Start and End

Location and Time Stamp

All daily events like Clock In, Clock Out, Commute Start, Commute End or Break taken has both markers i.e. LOcation and time stamp which is a useful record for various analytics to optimize field force productivity.

Purpose, Organisation, Person and Notes

Each movement can be recorded for purpose, Organisation, Person being met and a notes field for follow up.


Geo Tag
Per Month

Upto 10 users

Rs. 75/user/month

Powerful Dashboard

Auto-generated Daily Reports

Bio-metric Login

Web and Mobile Login

Google Route Map
Per Month

Upto 5 users

Rs. 210/User/Month

Powerful Dashboard

Auto-generated Daily Reports

Bio-metric Login

Web and Mobile Login

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