Resolved by Web Log In Attendance

Web Login attendance

Honour based Attendance
For Senior Management

Supervisor Marking Attendance
For Workers 

Suits Senior Management or for Supervisors to mark their worker Attendance

Not all organizations and all teams may have a biometric system and may not necessarily be requiring a mobility-based attendance system as well. Senior Management may not fit into a Bio-Metric system and may move from one workplace to another. For them a web log in may be appropriate and they have the freedom to record their own attendance with no rigidity of rules. At the other end of the spectrum, some workers may even be causal workers or the organization relies on the Supervisor or Shop Floor Manager to record their worker attendance. In both these scenarios, a web log in attendance is a suitable option. Resolve Attendance can be configured with different rules, different modes and also multiple modes of marking for different teams or persons as well. We give you complete customization to suit your teams and business needs.

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