Simplified Vendor process

All your Vendors may not follow ONE process of submission across your entire organisation and locations. Some may forward by courier, some by email, some across the table and to not necessarily one person. With ResolveX, we factor this diversity of receiving vendor bills and can bring this together into a simple process that gives you organization-wide visibility on all vendor bills for a common approval process.
Streamlined Vendor Bills to Payment ! 

With our smart expenses software, all that is required is to designate who the Bill Receivers are who can scan the vendor bill and fill in simple data on the date, Vendor name and bill amount and off it enters your pre-designed workflow to a Bill Approver with an alert notification for approval and then onwards to the Finance Department for booking and initiating a Payment process in accordance to your credit terms and payment cycle. All this can be done through the mobile App itself. There is a an approval log of each vendor bill to help manage process efficiency.

resolve-globe  Ease of vendor bill capture from mobile itself. 
resolve-globe Complete visibility of the information of the Vendor bill and the approval process with accountability. 
resolve-globe  Automated workflows with alert notifications. 
resolve-globe  Improved vendor management 
resolve-globe  Substantial reduction in processing effort saving time and costs. At least 50%.  

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