Automation of Petty Cash

Petty cash is meant to cover minor business expenses and should be kept under control to avoid unnecessary cash Transactions. Do you know how much cash you have withdrawn in a year for “petty” expenses? How much cash you paid for a single party or as a single cash payout? Do physical cash and system cash always match? Do you have a system of accountability in case of missing cash? ResolveX provides you a systemic control to manage petty cash across locations and provides you complete visibility on daily cash expenses.
 Automation Of Petty Cash
Automation of Petty cash in real time  

Many businesses, notwithstanding the shift to digital payments, and whether they like it or not may have to contend with cash transactions either for sundry costs or for payment to small service providers and miscellaneous supplies. In the case of distributed businesses in many locations and field posts, cash transactions occur remotely. Our expense app is designed to meet with these unstructured environments and for sundry expenses with real-time capture of the spend where cash is transacted. This brings visibility and transparency into petty cash which is otherwise taken for granted. That apart, where there are multiple cashiers handling one cash box, the software has a process of handover and takeover of cash almost like a cash teller at a Bank. Cash can be verified and the verification can be recorded with the denominations of currencies as well.

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